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Tommy McLain

Born: March 15, 1940 in Jonesville, La.

Tommy McLain is a swamp-pop legend. He is best known as a singer but also plays keyboards, drums, bass guitar, and fiddle. He first began performing in the 1950s, along with country singer Clint West. The two were both members of The Vel-Tones and The Boogie Kings in the 1960s, and they recorded a duet, "Try to Find Another Man," in 1965. McLain also performed on Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars in the 1960s and DJed at Louisiana radio station KREH. McLain's greatest fame was with his recording of the song "Sweet Dreams," which hit #15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1966 and reached #49 in the UK Singles Chart the same year.


McLain also wrote Freddy Fender's hit single, "If You Don't Love Me Alone (Leave Me Alone)." McLain appears along with the Mule Train Band in the Paul Newman film, The Drowning Pool.


Tommy was featured as a guest artist on an album recorded by Larry Lange and His Lonely Knights of Austin, entitled Wiggle Room (2011). The album features two songs penned by McLain, including "Don't Make Me Leave New Orleans," a heartfelt ballad that McLain wrote in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Tommy McLain performs "Find Another Man."
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