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Teen Troupe Youth Volunteer


Do you love museums? How about science, art, or history? Each year, the Museum of the Gulf Coast gives local teens the opportunity to positively impact their community, explore their interests, and discover new talents in a safe, educational environment. This experience teaches real-world skills which prepare teens for the challenges they will face when they begin their chosen career. Volunteer projects, summer camp programs, and museum events are the main focus of Teen Troupe.



Family Fun Day Volunteering
During Family Fun Days, volunteers help with arts and crafts, science experiments, set up/take down, and interact one on one with guest to help them enjoy their experience.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Many teens already spend a lot of time on social media. Maintaining a website, writing a blog, or producing successful videos for YouTube could easily turn into a job. Members of the Teen Troupe Press Corps who develop these key skills may have the opportunity to work with professional media to promote the Museum. Teen Troupe photographers are encouraged to document Museum activities and post their pictures to the Museum’s blog, website, Museum newsletter, or Facebook page.

Would you like to learn how to give Museum Tours?
Public speaking is a terrific skill, and practice makes perfect. Become a Junior Docent and learn how to give tours! 

Junior Curator 
The Museum houses many artifacts. These artifacts must be maintained and cataloged. Learning how to conduct research is an important part of a Curator’s job. Junior Curators must be Teen Troupe members for one year and complete Junior Curator Training.


For more information call 409-999-6284 or email


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