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RESULTS of the Ninth Annual Art and Photography Contest
The exhibit of all entries will be on view through April 30th


One hundred ninety people attended the opening reception of the Ninth Annual Museum of the Gulf Coast Art and Photography Contest. Results were announced, and certificates, medals, ribbons, and cash prizes were handed out to the winners. Entries will hang in the Dunn Gallery through April 30th, with many for sale.

Student artists ages 11 – 18 participated through their schools from Memorial H.S., Port Neches Groves H.S., John Wesley H.S., Bob Hope Middle School, Dequeen Elementary, and Christian Home School Enrichment Labs. Other students from Beaumont and Vidor also participated.

Adult artists competed in the Professional and nonprofessional art categories. For the contest, a professional was defined as an artist who had sold four or more pieces. Photographers competed in the 11 – 18 student category and the adult category.

Entries will be available for pick-up between May 1st and May 15th. Students who entered through their schools will have their pieces returned to them.

Results of the Ninth Annual Museum of the Gulf Coast Art and Photography Contest

Youth Art – 1st Isabel Tindall, 2nd Celia Alvarado, 3rd Katie Migues, 4th Melany Hernandez, 5th Eloise Bromley, 6th Melanie Barragan

Teen Art – 1st Ashley McNeill, 2nd Madison Gutierrez, 3rd Ella Owens, 4th Ignacio Guevara Sosa, 5th Yuran Morrison, 6th Miles Denzlingh

Nonprofessional Art – 1st William Ray, 2nd Rene’ Moak, 3rd Grace Mathis

Professional Art – 1st Michelle MacMahon, 2nd Enjoli Bush, 3rd JC Milich

Nonadult Photography 1st Memphis Hunter, 2nd Heidy Guerrero, 3rd Eduardo De Leon,

Adult Photography – 1st Jerome Cabeen, 2nd Jerome Cabeen, 3rd Jerry Connally


Honorable Mentions

Youth Art (11 – 14 years) - Leslie Murillo,  Elana Papillo,  Diana Lopez, Priscilla Vargas


Teen Art (15 – 18 years) - Arianna Davis, Milan Phan, Ayra Momin, Timmy Shreck, Merrick Monroe,  Anthi Marie Crowell, Kadence Blakeman, Landon Smoke, Ismael Cervantes, Dayra, Jaramilo, and Yaidelysy Rivera Colon 


Nonprofessional Art - Pattie Dawes


Professional Art - John G. Woodard, and Michelle MacMahon

Adult Photography - Emily Mire, Rene Moak, and Jerry Connally

Those not present for the reception can pick up their prizes through May 15th. An I.D. of the winner, or if a minor without an I.D., their parent will be required.

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