The Clique

     The Clique is best known for their four singles, "Splash One," "Sugar on Sunday," "I'll Hold Out My Hand," and "Sparkle and Shine." The group began in Southeast Texas as The Roustabouts made up of members Bruce Tinch, John Kanesaw, Larry Lawson, Cooper Hawthorne, and Dave Dunham. In 1966 the band changed their name to the Sandpipers, and Randy Shaw joined the band as its lead singer. 


     The band's popularity grew after they opened for the Dave Clark Five and won KNUZ's Battle of the Bands in Houston, Texas in April 1967. The band also made another change that year when they began performing as The Clique. By July 1968 the band had two new members, Sid Templeton and Bill Black following the departure of Larry Lawson and Cooper Hawthorne. The next year Bruce Tinch and John Kanesaw left the band. Oscar Houchins and Jerry Cope joined the group shortly thereafter. In 1969, the band's album "The Clique" was released on White Whale Records. The album included the song "Superman" that was later recorded by REM. The album also included "Sugar on Sunday," "I'll Hold Out My Hand," and "Sparkle and Shine." The band continued to tour following the release of their record appearing with groups such as Grand Funk Railroad, the Guess Who, and Tommy James and the Shondells. In April 1972 the band played their last concert.

Note in 2018 band member Larry Lawson went on to receive the Horatio Algier Award.

The Clique performs "Sugar on Sunday."