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Lorena Simon

Born: Jan. 16, 1897 in Sherman, Texas

              Home Town  - Port Arthur, TX

Died: 1995

     Lorena Simon moved to Port Arthur after her marriage in 1918 and resided there until her death in 1995. With musical aspirations, she attended the American Conservatory and the Julliard Music School before graduating from the Sherwood Music School in 1941.


     Simon worked as a teacher of piano and violin, and also enjoyed a career as an author, composer and publisher of poetry and songs, receiving national and international success. The subjects of Simon's compositions included children's themes and testimonies of faith as well as historical events such as the Battle of Sabine Pass.


     Her books of poetry included The Children's Hour, The Golden Keys, and From My Heart. Her musical compositions were numerous including the theme song for the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs entitled In Search for Growth. Eventually Simon received a Doctorate of Literary Leadership from the International Academy of Leadership. In recognition of her accomplishments, Dr. Simon received numerous awards and honors.


     In 1961, Governor Price Daniel named her Poet Laureate of Texas. She was also named Poet Laureate of Port Arthur in 1962. In 1966, the United Poets Laureate International awarded Simon the title of Honorary Poet Laureate - Musician for her distinguished services in poetry, literature and music and in 1968 she was added to their Contemporary Poets International Hall of Fame.


     She was also recognized by Rome's Studio of Cultural Exchange and given the honor of Catholic Poet Laureate of the World and in 1969, Dr. Simon was a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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