J.D. Feigelson

Born: Feb. 8, 1941 in Beaumont, Texas

     While still in high school, J.D. Feigelson worked as a production assistant on the Shock Theater series, a local TV Saturday night horror show on Channel 4 in nearby Port Arthur, Texas. He attended Lamar Tech, graduating in 1963 with a B.S. in Speech. During his college years, Feigelson also worked at the CBS affiliate Channel 6 in Beaumont and for David L. Wolper Productions in Los Angeles.   He spent a short time in Houston doing medical films and documentary films for NASA.


     He returned to Beaumont, and in late 1964 began producing commercials as an independent. In 1969, Feigelson relocated to nearby Houston to continue his commercial production in the larger market. Here he formed the film studio of Feigelson, Giertz & Hall absorbing several other studios. FGH, as it was known, produced commercial and corporate films for companies including Texaco, Penzoil, Exxon and the governor of Texas re-election campaign. Their facilities were also used by several Hollywood production companies when filming in Houston. During this time, Feigelson produced a Civil War drama entitled “One of the Missing”. A mutual friend had introduced Feigelson to science-fiction author Ray Bradbury who saw the film. He was impressed by the work and offered to mentor Feigelson in screen writing.

     The success of “One of the Missing” lead Feigelson to Los Angles in 1981 and the production of “Dark Night of the Scarecrow”, his first commercial television network movie. It has since become a cult classic appearing annually at Halloween. Feigelson continues this work in Los Angeles and is a member of the Directors' Guild of America, the Writers' Guild of America, the Hollywood Radio and Television Society, and is a past member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. His best-known projects include The Lake (1998) and Red Water (2003)

Tex Ritter Portrait
Tex Ritter Portrait