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Jack Camp

Born: August 27, 1916, in Jennings, Louisiana                                 Home Town Port Arthur, TX

Died: June 7, 1942, in Midway Islands

Jack Camp of Port Arthur (graduate of Port Arthur High School Class of 1934) had just completed his law degree from the University of Texas when WWII was declared. Being in the Naval Reserve, Ensign Camp reported to active duty. He was assigned to PBY Squadron 44 stationed on Midway Island.

While piloting his Catalina seaplane on a scouting patrol, the American plane spotted the Japanese aircraft carrier group that was steaming toward the American-held island. The slow-moving Catalina was shot down by enemy fire, but not before relaying critical data to American forces.

Camp was wounded in the attack that brought down his plane. While he was helped into a life raft by surviving crewmates, the raft was strafed by the enemy - killing him. He was buried at sea on June, 7th 1944. He is a member of the Museum of the Gulf Coast, Notable People Hall of Fame.

© John Troesser, posted to Texas Escapes

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