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Frank Cricchio

Oct. 18,1933 - Dec. 23, 2021              Port Arthur

 Frank Cricchio is widely known as a leader and innovator in the photographic profession. In 1998 he became the first and only photographer to receive over one thousand merits from the Professional Photographers of America. As a child, his family could not afford for him to attend photography school but were able to save the money needed for him to purchase his first professional camera. 
In addition to being called the "Master's Master," Cricchio was also a respected author, lecturer, and consultant. He received the Master of Photography Degree, The Fellow of Photography, and the Honorary Fellow of Photography in July 1995 from the American Society of Photographers. He also garnered Honorary Masters Degrees from the Professional Photographers of America, Japan, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The Texas House of Representatives also honored Cricchio for significant contributions to photography.
Cricchio's articles on exposure, lighting, and printing techniques have been translated into as many as eight different languages, and he lectured around the world and throughout the United States. After many hours of research and testing, he assisted the Port Arthur News in determining the techniques needed to run its first ROP color photograph on Christmas Day in 1960. As a thank you for his work, the paper gave Cricchio an assignment of one color photograph per week for the front page with a credit line. In 1966, the United Press International awarded Cricchio and The Port Arthur News the ROP National Color Award.
Cricchio worked as a consultant for Fuji Film USA and has held the presidency of the Texas Professional Photographers Association, Southwest Photographers Association, the Professional Photographers of America, and the American Society of Photography. He was also a member of the prestigious organization, The Cameracraftsmen of America, which is limited to 40 photographers. He served as that organization's President in 1998.

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