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Discovery Trunks

The Discovery Trunk is a “touch everything” program using artifacts and objects specifically designated for hands-on learning. Discovery Trunks are portable history, science, and art lessons that can travel to classrooms, lecture halls, nursing homes, community centers, libraries, etc. It is a unique program and the only one like it in the area.


Indians of Southeast Texas (4th-7th Grade) 

 This outreach is designed to help students learn about the early Indians of Southeast Texas their life (pottery, tools, etc.), culture, and the effect that European exploration had on their everyday life. They will learn how archaeologists use middens to understand the daily life of the Atakapa and Karankawa Indians.

Download teacher's guide for Indians of Southeast Texas


Raging Reptiles (PreK-7th Grade) 
Alligators, lizards, and turtles, Oh My! Reptiles are amazing creatures and they fill a special niche in the animal kingdom. Learn about Texas reptiles and what makes them so unique!

Download teacher's guide for PreK-2nd Grade

Download teacher's guide for Grades 3-7

Download Mural Worksheet (as stated in teacher's guide)

Download Reptile Cut Outs (as stated in teacher's guide)


Animal Adaptations (PreK-6th Grade) 
This hands-on program allows children to explore how animals adapt to their environment so that they don’t get eaten or so that they can find food. The program provides opportunities for the students to observe artifacts and the adaptations that animals use to survive here in Texas.

Download Animal Adaptations PreK-1st Grade Teacher's Guide

Download Animal Adaptations 2nd-6th Grade Teacher's Guide


Wonders of the Sea  (PreK-2nd Grade)  
This Discovery Trunk introduces youngsters to the wonders of the sea with an engaging story time, sea life sorting, crafts, and ocean bio-facts.

Download teacher's guide for Wonders of the Ocean


Ocean in a Box (3rd-7th Grade)

Take a trip to the ocean deep without ever leaving the classroom.  Learn about the layers of the ocean and what animals live there through games and hands-on activities.

Download teacher's guide for Ocean in a Box

Download Oceans of World worksheet


Discovery Trunk Policies and Guidelines

  • Schools may book one or more (up to five) sessions per day during the school year (August-May ).

  • Libraries, Community Centers, Homeschool Groups, and summer camps may book trunks at any time.   

  • Each program accommodates 25 (min of 10) children/program. If your class is greater than 25, two programs will have to be arranged.

  • The Education Coordinator will travel to your school with the trunk (s) and do the presentation.

  • COST: $35/group of 25/program


Please contact 409.999.6284 or email for more information.

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