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Deacon Anderson

Born: January 4, 1925 and Died in Montgomery, Texas.

James "Deacon" Anderson was a singer, songwriter, and steel guitarist who lived in Groves, Texas. He was raised in a musical environment in Port Arthur, Texas. His father, James Anderson, Sr., often worked with Moon Mullican, and was a noted hillbilly piano player. Deacon once appeared on the Johnny Cash Show. He was brought to Atlantic Records by producer Huey Meaux. He later owned a recording studio in Port Neches, Texas. 
Anderson wrote the hit song "Ragg-Mopp" with Johnnie Lee Wills. "Ragg-Mopp" was first recorded and released by Johnny Lee Wills and his Boys in December 1949. Another recording by the Ames Brothers had one of the most significant responses to the song. "Ragg-Mopp" was also covered by the singing group The Treniers. The song was often used in cartoon animation performances by Beanie and Cecil, Disney, and The Muppets, which performed a skit on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show."  "Ragg-Mopp" has been covered by over thirty-five artists and was a hit for seven.

Anderson also wrote other country swing tunes such as "Red Hot Flame" and "I Hate To See You Cry." He wrote "Ragg-Mopp" while serving as a sergeant in the Army during World War II. Anderson played with many musicians, including Cotton Thompson, J.L. Jenkins, Darrell Jones, Richard Prine, Mutt Collins, Mancel Tierney, and the Johnnie Lee Wills Band. He later released "Mama Mama" on Atlantic Record's Cotillion label. 

Johnnie Lee Wills and the Boys Performing "Rag Mop"
Followedd by 2) The Trenies and 3) The Muppets 
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