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Calvin Shepherd

Sept. 4, 1951-July 29, 1995                 Port Arthur, Tx

Calvin Shepherd was born in Port Arthur and graduated from Port Arthur’s Lincoln High School in 1970. Upon graduation, Shepherd joined the Marines and served as a Private First Class Machine Gunner in Vietnam.


During his service, Shepherd was awarded a National Defense Service Medal and an All Marine Certificate and won the All Marines Boxing Championship.


Shepherd was also named All Hawaiian Boxing Champion and All-Southern South and North Dakota Boxing Champion. Shepherd’s most outstanding boxing achievement was winning the 1983 World Athletic Association, Bantamweight Championship under the guidance of manager and trainer Dick Menchaca. Shepherd, then 30, defeated boxer Mondo Loredo of Corpus Christi with a technical knockout in the seventh round of the championship match.


During his career, Shepherd fought on four world title fight cards. He was inducted to the All-Marine Boxing Hall of Fame in 2017 and the Museum of the Gulf Coast-Sports Hall of fame in 2008.

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