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Morris 'Buddy' Benz

Born: Port Arthur, Texas

Died June 24, 1980

     Morris "Buddy" Benz achieved national and international success as a floral designer, author and lecturer.


     After serving as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and receiving a B.S. in landscape art and horticulture from Texas A&M in 1932, Benz went on to develop theories of design which revolutionized the floral industry. His principles of design were put forth in several books including Free Form - Interpretive Design and Flowers: Abstract Form. His innovative techniques elevated floral art to fine art by presenting floral design as a provocative visual experience.


     As Mr. Benz neared retirement, he to establish a unique legacy at Texas A&M by creating Benz School of Floral Design within the department of Horticulture at A&M.  The family of M. Buddy Benz established the world’s only chair in floral design at Texas A&M University following his death in 1980.

Tex Ritter Portrait
Tex Ritter Portrait
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