James Young

August 3, 1937 - 1983                                      Port Arthur

Born James Harold Young in Beaumont, Texas, Harold was known as "Big Sambo." He was an outstanding saxophonist and bandleader. Young began performing in nightclubs as a teenager and appeared on a teenage dance program on KPAC-TV in Port Arthur performing with a band known as Big Sambo and the House Wreckers. Their recording, “The Rains Came,”  in 1960 hit the national charts and sold over half a million records.. “We recorded ‘The Rains Came’ at Cosimo Matassa’s studio in New Orleans,” recalls producer Huey Meaux. “James had an unusual voice, the vocal we had on the record was really haunting. As soon as we recorded it, I knew we were gonna have a hit.”


The single sold over half a million copies. However, when it was introduced to the Chicago market, it was halted by the NAACP over objections of the use of the name “Sambo.” The band subsequently changed its name. Although they performed in California and appeared in a horror film with Vincent Price, the name change made it difficult to capitalize on the name recognition associated with their 1960 hit. The band eventually broke up sometime in the 1970s. Young was married to a public-school teacher, and after the band's breakup, he felt obligated to hold a steady job. His love of music and entertaining drew Young to the Port Arthur Civic Center when it opened in 1979.


Civic Center director Carroll Albrittion recalls: “We need crews to clean up the Center after each show. Big Sambo came up and offered to help, because he said he knew entertainers and wanted to see the shows.” As people realized who James Young was, the Jaycees asked him to play in their Fifties rock show. After his 1981 concert at the Civic Center, Big Sambo, the star of the night, helped clean up the hall. At the time of his death in 1983, he was employed by the City of Port Arthur. James Harold Young is buried in Johnson Memorial Cemetery. He is enshrined in the Museum of the Gulf Coast, Music Hall of Fame.

Big Sambo and the Housewreckers sing "The Rains Came."