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Andrew Green

Born in Port Arthur, Texas

     Andrew Green received his BS in Civil Engineering from Lamar University in 1954 and his MS in Engineering Mechanics from Southern Methodist University at Dallas in 1958. He worked for Bethlehem Steel in Beaumont before getting involved in the development of fiberglass composite technology.  With expertise in conceptual structural design, Green founded the composites department at General Dynamics in Fort Worth. He then founded Composite Technology Inc., specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance plastics specifically designed to bear heavy loads.


     Green's first major innovation came in the realm of automobiles. He created the first successful composite chassis for an automobile, The Chaparral, which dominated high performance autos throughout the 1960s.


     Since then, Mr. Green has been a force in the field of engineering by applying composite technology to Olympic and Ocean racing sailboats, towers for electrical applications, cooling towers, walkway bridges, retaining walls, decking for roofs, pipes, and aerospace.  The inherent strength of composites makes them excellent construction material adding years of durability. In addition, they weigh 1/3 as much as steel and are maintenance free, corrosion resistant, and fire retardant.  He holds several patents for these types of materials.


     Now retired, Mr. Green devotes his time to pursuing educational projects through the Green Foundation, which recently established a new academic chair in Lamar University’s college of engineering.

Tex Ritter Portrait
Tex Ritter Portrait

Andrew and Joyce Green

Ride the Wind.jpg

Chaparral Race Car Designed & Fabricated by Andy Green

Test design pre Chaparral Race Car Designed & Fabricated by Andy Green

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