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Dr. Almer M. McAfee

Sept. 24, 1886-Oct. 12, 1972               Corsicana, Texas

Dr. Almer M. McAfee received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Texas in 1908 and obtained his doctorate in Chemistry from Columbia University in 1911.
Dr. McAfee's major accomplishment came in developing the process for refining high octane gasoline and high purity lubricating oils. In 1912, he joined the Texas Company.  The following year he resigned to accept a local position with Gulf Oil Corporation.
He pioneered the first method for using aluminum chloride in the catalytic cracking of gasoline and in the manufacture of motor oil. When Dr. McAfee realized the high cost of Aluminum Chloride might result in the rejection of the process, he developed a method to produce low-cost aluminum chloride from bauxite ore. This resulted in higher-quality gasoline and petroleum products using low-cost aluminum chloride.
During his lifetime, he also obtained forty patents on specialized chemicals used in a wide variety of products. Dr. McAfee had a keen interest in education, serving as a member of the Port Arthur Independent School District Board of Trustees from 1931-1941 and as its President from 1934-1941.
He also served on the Board of Trustees of Lamar Junior College and was instrumental in having that institution expanded from a two to a four-year institution. He served on the college's Board of Regents and served a term as President of the regents.

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