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Glenn Wells

Born: 1943 in Woodville, Texas
              Hometown - Port Arthur, TX

Died: 2006

Glenn Durwood Stilwell, Jr. was born in Woodville, TX and moved to Port Arthur with his family at the age of nine. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School, and attended the University of Texas at Austin.


Glen was an early musical talent, playing both the guitar and piano. During his junior and senior high school years, under the stage name Glenn Wells, he performed, wrote, and

recorded a number of records with a band he formed called The Blends.


His first record "Write Me A Letter" was produced by Huey P. Meaux and enjoyed considerable regional success on the JIN Records label.


Later, he released "You're Mine Tonight," another of his original compositions which was released nationwide by United Artists.


He also released "Lesson in Love" and "Written in the Stars" among others.

Glenn Wells and the Blends perform "You're Mine Tonight."
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