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Robert Rauschenberg

Port Arthur is home to world-renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg. The Rauschenberg Gallery at the Museum of the Gulf Coast was made possible by generous donations and loans from Robert Rauschenberg, and a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Craig Stevenson.

One of Rauschenberg's most famous collages, Signs (1970) draws visitors into this permanent exhibit. This intense piece displays the tumult of the 1960s with images of Martin Luther King, Jr., Vietnam, Janis Joplin, Robert Kennedy, and civil unrest.

Also on display in the Rauschenberg Gallery are posters created between 1985 and 1991 for Rauschenberg's Overseas Cultural Interchange, Opal Gospel (1971), and Star Quarters (1971).

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To commemorate Port Arthur's Centennial, Robert Rauschenberg created a special limited edition poster as a benefit to the Museum, 36" x 24" signed - $300, unsigned - $150. For more information contact the Museum at (409)982-7000 or email bearddv@lamarpa.edu.

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